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Hello and Welcome to Heart Intelligence!

If you are someone who wants to live your life fully, you’re in the right place.

Maybe you are healthy, successful, have a loving partner and a well-paying job, but feel like something is missing… anxious, stressed or just not happy?

Maybe you are feeling a bit lost and are looking to connect to your heart so you can get back on track in your life?

Emotional Mastery can help you to live your life fully.
If  you would like to feel happier, more fulfilled, find direction in life, connect to others more deeply and give your greatest gift to the world – then learning to raise your Emotional Intelligence could be the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for.



I’m here to help you breakthrough invisible walls, come alive, find your passion so you can be at your best and create a life you love. 

So, what’s holding you back? Let’s help you discover freedom and happiness. Clear the blocks that cause stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and illness. I can help you can heal, create loving relationships, be at your best and thrive in life.

Book a Complimentary 30 minute CLARITY Coaching session. 
If you’re ready to move forward I invite you to apply. 
You’ll leave the session feeling inspired to move forward in your life.

Just click this button, briefly describe your issue and we’ll set up a time. 


Coming Events: 

Breathwork and Thrive Life Coach Training

I am inviting people who care about the future of humanity and our planet to join me to learn how you too can make a difference.
Learn about the exciting next phase we are entering into as a collective humanity. That may sound grand, but you have to admit we are on the brink of major change as a planet.
Come and join me..
I want to show you how to help heal the fundamental root cause of the planetary crisis…
I want to show you how to help people reconnect their head to their heart.
I want to show you how to reconnect to the truth – love and oneness.
I want to show you how to find freedom and fulfilment doing what you love.
The global crisis we are witnessing is forcing us to awaken to the fundamental truth that we are one. That we live in relationship to everything that is around us.
If you have a feeling that there is more for you to do…
If you know that you’d like to make a bigger contribution…
If you love to help others…
If you have a passion for your own growth…
If you’d love to be able to help others open their heart and grow…
You are going to love this!
If you want to play a much bigger part in your life, come and join me.
You do not need to feel like superman or wonder woman.
You just need to have a longing to do something meaningful and make a difference
The first step is to watch the webinar right now!
Click here to join: http://eepurl.com/ggyNOD


Next Passionately Alive – filling now… 

This seminar is regulary fully book – click here to find out why!

Emotional Mastery is the missing piece of the PUZZLE…

Puzzle missing piece pixabay free -1005546_1280 copyAs human we exist on the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual dimensions. Western culture has pursued the development of the physical and mental and denied the emotional (and spiritual). To find happiness and create a rich and enjoyable life we need to embrace all four dimensions.

Emotions are life force energy. They provide us with valuable energy and add to the richness in life. Without emotions we feel flat, tired, depressed and lack vital life force energy to get things done.

We do not learn how to use the power of our emotions creatively. Instead we are trained to repress our anger, fears and sadness. We live in a culture that denies the reality of emotions: to ‘cheer up’, ‘calm down’ and ‘get over it’. We are taught to be ‘strong’, to repress our emotional energy. We do not learn how to master fear, anger and sadness.

Repressed emotional energy does not disappear. Energy is always moving. Repressed emotional energy causes all kinds of problems in our life:

TEST: Are your emotions causing havoc in your life?

Do you feel:

  • Anxious, stress, frustrated or confused?
  • Stuck, blocked or held back?
  • Unfulfilled, Lacking passion and direction?
  • Restless. Haunted by endless thoughts. Having trouble sleeping?
  • Under pressure. Being moody, grumpy?
  • ‘Fantom’ aches and pains that can’t be explained?
  • Irritable. Having relationship conflict, not seeing eye to eye?

We do not learn how to use our emotional energy to heal and empower us to get things done, to deepen relationships, to find passion for life.

As we raise our Emotional Intelligence we become happier and more peaceful, gain enthusiasm for life, accelerate healing, deepen relationships, strengthen resilience and increase our ability to achieve what we want in our life.

Click here to find out how to: Open Your Heart, Come Alive and Thrive…

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